• To make this learned society in the field of geosciences financially strong and independent so that it could chart out its own programmes independently in keeping with its objectives.

  • Enrol as members as many earthscientists as possible under its umbrella and take care of their social, scientific and professional well-being.

  • Maintain connectivity with IGC members and create proper support system to help them to improve their professional career.

  • Spread awareness of earth sciences among the masses, vis-à-vis, would-be geoscientists.

  • Extend guidelines for national benefits to the government in the field of earth sciences and other agencies that are beneficiaries of geosciences knowledge.

  • Construct its own complex – a fraternity home - for social, cultural and scientific assemblies. The planned complex is to include:

    • A little office of its own
    • A base camp
    • A library-cum-laboratory
    • A science museum & auditorium, and
    • Eco-club

  • Keep detoxed from fruitless expenditure and functions maintaining strict discipline; and dedicated service in scientific & monetary matters.

  • Also, tackle topical scientific and professional issues to take the members/ the people forward.



To encourage, co-ordinate and promote the activities of advanced study and researchi n all branches of earth sciences with special emphasis on problems of Indian Geology and to collaborate and co-operate with various national and international institutions related to the study of earth sciences to further the objectives.

About Us

Setting-up was initially heralded in 1976 by Late Prof. A.G. Jhingran for holding biennial conventions as fora for scientific discussions and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of geosciences. Having remained in infancy and homeless for about a decade with only nomadicroutines of holding biennial conventions,

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