Foundation Lectures

1.  Prof. Ajoy K. Ghose: India’s Mineral Future – Megatrends fir the Next Millennium     (1993). First Lecture, unpublished.

2. Shri Kuldeep Chandra: Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Indian Petroleum Geochemical     Perspective (1995). Two Lecture, unpublished.

3. Prof. Ramesh Chander: Great Earthquakes of the Himalaya: Review of the Geodetic     Evidence, Third Lecture, Roorkee 1998.

4. Prof. K.S. Valdiya: Crucial Holocene Developments in the Indian Subcontent  in     Context of Societal Concern, Fourth Lecture, Chennai, 1999.

5. Prof. Asoke Mookherjee: Crustal Dluids and Formation of Mineral Deposits, Fifth     Lecture, Pune, 2000. Price per copy: Rs. 50.00.

6. Prof. P.N. Agarwal: Seismological Aspects of Earthquake Damage Reduction, Sixth     Lecture, Udaipur, 2000.

7. Dr. R.K. Midha: Natural Disasters Mitigation: Some Recent Initiatives of the DST,     Seventh Lecture, Chandigarh, 2000.

8. Dr. S.K. Biswas: Structure and Tectonics of the Kutch Basin, Western India, with     Special Reference to Earthquakes, Eighth Lecture, Mmubai, 2002. Price per copy:     Rs.50.00.

9. Dr. V.P. Dimri: Earthquake Hazard Assessment of Kumaun-Garhwal Himalaya     through the Application of Fractal Techniques, Ninth Lecture, Dehra Dun, 2003.     

10. Dr. S. Das: Groundwater Overexploration and Importance of Water Management       in India – Vision 2025, Tenth Lecture, Dharwad, 2006.

11. Dr. M.I. Bhat: Bushy-Blairy about Global Warming, Eleventh Lecture, Varanasi,      2007.

12. Dr. Sailesh Nayak – Tsunami Warning System for the Indian Ocean

13. Dr. A.K. Balyan – “Upstream Petroleum Sector Challenges – HR perspective”  

14. Prof. Vijay P. Singh- “Entropy Theory for Earth Science Modeling”.

15. Dr. Naresh C. Mehrotra- “High Impact Palynology in Hydrocarbon Exploration in      Petroliferous Basins of India with Recent Achievements from Frontier Areas”.  

16. Shri Y.B. Sinha former Director (Exploration) ONGCL, at Geology & Reservoir       Deptt. Duliajan, Dibrugarh. – “Oppurtunities And Challenges In Upstream
      Sector”.(Copy not available)

17 Prof. D. C. Srivastava–Dextral Transpression along the Great Boundary Fault
     around Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan”
2014, Srinagar.

18. Dr. A.K. Sarangi – “Nuclear Power and Status of Uranium Mining in India”     
     2015, Roorkee.

Note: Copy of each of the Foundation Lectures is available from IGC secretariat at a cost of           Rs.100/=.

Prof. Jhingran Memorial Lecture
  1. Prof. I.C.Pande delivered first Prof. Jhingran Memorial Lecture in Dec 23, 1991 at Dept. of Geology, Delhi University.

  2. Prof. M.S. Samar: Esploration Strategies in the Present Economic Scenario, Second Lecture, Dehra Dun 1994.

  3. Prof. R.C. Fuloria: India can become self-sufficient in Petroleum, Third Lecture,Dehra Dun 1995.

  4. Prof. C. Leelanandam: The Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt: Mineralogical Mandates & Petrological Perspectives, Forth Lecture, 1995. (Copy not available)

  5. Prof. R.N. Padhi: Geothermal Energy in India – A viable non-convention energy source,Fifth Lecture, New Delhi, 1997.

  6. Prof. S.K. Acharyya: Tectonic evolution of the Indo-Burma-Andaman Mobile Belt and the nature of its linkage with the Indian continent, Sixth Lecture, Lucknow, 1997.

  7. Prof. P.P. Kala: Some aspects of Exploration Economics and Strategy, Seventh Lecture, Mysore, 1998.

  8. Dr. S.D. Limaye: Some Aspects of Sustainable Development of Ground water in India, Eighth Lecture, Bangalore 2003.

  9. Dr. R.K. Sukhtankar: Indian Perspective of Coastal Quaternary Research: An Overview, Ninth Lecture, Nagpur 2004.

  10. Dr. Ashok Sahni: The Drift of Indian and its Collision with Asia: Biotic Response and Evolutionary Implications, Tenth Lecture, Delhi 2005. 

  11. Dr. B.R. Arora: A Peep into the Himalayan Seismicity, Eleventh Lecture, Dharwad 2007.

  12. 12th Professor Jhingran Memorial Lecture " Finding more hydrocarbaons in matured and semi matured basins" by P.K. Bhawmick, Executive Director, KDMIPE ONGC,Dehradun,delivered at the 16th Convention of IGC, held at NGRI, Hydrabad, Feb. 2-4, 2009

  13. IGC’s 13th Professor Jhingran Memorial Lecture was held at the Department of Rasa Shastra, Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, on January 16, 2010 as part of the National Symposium “Contemporary prototype of Ayurvedic formulations”. The speaker, Dr. Eugene Wilson spoke on “Reflections of Siddha Traditional System of Medicine in Emerging Field of Medical Geology”, which also formed a topic for group discussion.        
         The lecture text was brought out by the IGC in a nice 45-page handout for distribution to the participants. It is also published in the IGC Journal of May 2010 issue, Vol. 2 (1), for the benefit of IGC members & subscribers of the Journal.
          The event received financial support of the Technology Development & Transfer Division (TDT), DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi, through the good offices of Dr. (Smt.) S.N. Khan, Scientist “G”.

  14. IGC ‘s 14th Professor Jhingran Memorial Lecture –“ Revitalization of Herbo-mineral Drugs Using Geological Materials and Processes” By A. Hannah Rachel Vasanthi, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Biotechnology, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, at the Deptt. of Rasa Shastra, BHU, Oct. 14-15, 2011
  15. IGC’s 15th Professor Jhingran Memorial Lecture, “Deformation Patterns Developed Due to Collision of India with Asia : An Analogue Modeling” by H.B. Srivastava, Professor & Head, Department of Geology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Delivered at The Department of Geology, College of Science & Technology Andhra University, visakhapatnam , December 10, 2012
  Prof. Prem Bahadur Verma Memorial Lecture
  1. Dr. R.K. Chadha: Mathematical Modeling in Earth Sciences with Emphasis on Seismology, First Lecture, Roorkee 2008.

  2. Prof. T. Kumar – Energy security in India through optimum Development of Fossil Fuels and alternative energy resources.

  3. Dr. Kala Chand Sain – Gas Hydrate – Future Potential Energy Source, Their Detection & Assessments using seismic Methods ..

  4. Prof. Anil. K. Gupta- “Paleoceanographic Evolution of the Indian Ocean during the Neogene”.
  5. Shri Rasik Ravindra, Director, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Goa on “Geomorphic Evolution of Schirmacher Oasis with Special Reference to Depositional and Erosional Landforms” at The Centre of Advanced Study in Geology, Panjab University ,Chandigarh, February 3, 2012
  6. Shri Prof. B.C. Sarkar, Head, newly created Faculty of Civil Engineering, Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad on Geostatistics: Developments and Applications in Modelling of Mineral Deposits Society of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists (SGAT),VIP Area, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar - 751 015. February 15, 2014 pp.1-35. Published by : Prof. O.P. Varma, Hony. Editor, on behalf of the Indian Geological Congress, Roorkee - 247 667 (India)
  7. Dr. Rima Chatterjee, Associate Professor,Department of Applied Geophysics,Indian School of Mines, Dhanbadon “In situ Stress, Pore Pressure and Geomechanical Modeling : An Aid to Reservoir Delineation & Development” at the Department of Applied Geophysics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, September 11, 2015.
  8. Prof. Prosanta Kumar Khan,Professor,Department of Applied Geophysics,IIT (Indian School of Mines - ISM), Dhanbadon Deformation along the Myanmar-Andaman-Sumatra Plate Margin: Insights for 2004 Mw 9.3 Off-Sumatra Mega-event” at theDepartment of Geophysics, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, February 21, 2017.
  Hindi Lectures
  1. Lecture by Prof. V.C. Tewari , 5 April, 2013

Note: Copy of each of the Memorial Lecture is available from IGC secretariat at a cost of           Rs.100/=.