About Us

Setting-up was initially heralded in 1976 by Late Prof. A.G. Jhingran for holding biennial conventions as fora for scientific discussions and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of geosciences. Having remained in infancy and homeless for about a decade with only nomadic routines of holding biennial conventions, turning point in its history arrived in the Sixth Convention (1986), held in Roorkee, with a decision to provide it a permanent home and legal status. Towards this goal, it was registered as a society on December 20, 1988 and never to look back again. Its success story of the past decade is woven, in the main, by bold initiatives and mileposts of achievements in the introduction of and efficiently managed diversified scientific programmes, schemes, strategies and ideas for the all-round growth and development, and spread of earth science knowledge in general among the people and pursuing the recommendations which emerge from time to time. In recognition of the good work done, it received wide acclaim and grant-in-aid from DST, ONGC and a number of other mineral sector undertakings – both public and private. 

The chase for greater achievements, however, relentlessly continued to pursue its journey across the country organizing special discourses by learned scientists, various types of fora, conferences, workshops, symposia, etc., to debate themes on the latest issues on science and technology of national concern, industries and societal needs. It supplemented the efforts of academia towards updating and improving the student’s skill and development of knowledge in certain specified areas of training.  Moved its working office in April 1999 to a more spacious & independent rented building. Donations made to Indian Geological Congress are exempted under Section 80G of Incometax Act, 1961, vide certificate No. C 19 (1)/Kar mukti (Roorkee), 99-2000/ 3375, dated 06.06.2000 (valid upto 31.03.2002).